Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bayeaux Madonna

I have been working this week but  feel as if I have achieved very little. I have manage to catch up with a few people , I had barely seen since being back and I managed to do a few walks, I still haven't caught up with everything. We have also had some incredibly hot weather and have watched aghast at all the bushfires in Tasmania, in NSW  and  in Victoria, it is so early in the year and the fires are moving at such speed.

I belong to a small group called Voyageart and our brief last year was to make a piece every 2 months ( a total of 6 pieces) to do with the theme of where we are going, where we are. I finally managed to get myself up to date for 2012 and made a piece which in the end was a reflection of some of the things I encountered last year on my travels but also with a firm eye on the future.As some of you know I am very enamoured of the Madonna in the Bayeaux cathedral and I really do wonder at her provenance as I have since found out she may have been moved and so is probably form a different period than the cathedral. I guess some of my travel is a quest for madonnas- seeing how they gaze- whether it's the child or the world. I like the ones that look out into the world.So I have been toying how to incorporate her into a piece. So my last piece for the group evolved a little like a page in a journal.

So in the end I made a bit of a collage of different things. I worked with polyester non-woven onto a bright blue fabric and then used black and aqua thread. The coffee cup you will recognise from a linocut I made in 2012.

And I have been stitching on  my tangerine travellers' piece piece- progress is slow as it is all hand stitched , and whilst i do sit and sew there are  many other things to do during the day including  making work for my book and planning the book and just getting ideas down.It was starting to look a little boring with just the circles and I am much happier now the connecting lines are going in and then I have to think about the spaces in between.

 And I shall be starting a new on-line Travellers' Blanket class on February the 11 th. Email me if you are interested and I can send you more information and details of how to make payment. For those of  you who live in the Geelong area I shall be conducting a class from home- this involves a dyeing session and then  sit and stitch sessions. I have 2 places available for a class starting on this coming Tuesday at 7pm.

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