Saturday, August 25, 2012

Some Days Further

I am still not over my  blues and the news on the car got worse though the timing belt has been done- all in a week's flings of outrageous fortune.

However i did actually get some work done, not as much as I would have liked , but I started some new things, some of which I will share as i get more done but others i can't as it is work for an article I am writing for Downunder Textiles and also work for my France book.At least I am hand stitching again on small traveller blanket inspired pieces to send to England as part of the exhibition called Through Our Hands at Leamington Spa and for which Annabel Rainbow has been doing all the leg work( thank you very much Annette- it is much appreciated!)

I am  posting some images of early work that is for sale and for which any reasonable offer will be considered.
  The forest piece measures 85 cm wide by 75 cm long- and is an early piece I made with the fabric dyed in the forest  style- I think it dates from sometime in 2002 as I am pretty certain I exhibited in Aachen in 2002 ( I can't believe it's 10 years ago that I exhibited at a little gallery there- it seems that it was much more recent)
Floodplain dates from a bit later and measures 85 cm wide by 95 cm long. It is hand and machine stitched. This quilt actually renewed my interest in hand stitching which came as a bit of a surprise to me. Someone did  something that made me really angry and I  know that being angry is counter productive but nonetheless it was  nagging away at me.Anyway i had this quilt top  sitting on the couch as I had not decided how I would quilt it, and I had recently bought some lovely limish green variegated thread- next thing I am hand stitching on the quilt- don't know how it happened but I tried- and I can tell you I started out jabbing- and the first  6 cms or more of stitching was a needle jab in the person's who had made my angry,bum. I  then started to enjoy the process and have had some hand stitching on the go ever since- so there if you are ever angry get out some hand stitching, it's very soothing!

Don't forget if you are interested in printing your own fabrics ro creating your own stamps or linocuts for printing on paper there is still time to enrol in my on-line course which starts on 1 September.
Here are what some previous students have made;
Sarah-Ann Smith and here
Robbie Payne
Shirley Goodwin
Sally Westcott
Linda Bilsborro

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