Sunday, August 05, 2012

Lino Cutting On-line Course

I have been busy printing some cat panels with my cat linocut and carving a new linocut . Well not quite new, I did start it in 2009 before I went to France, decided that the lines were maybe too fine, but in a recent tidy up of my sunroom, where I do most of my printing I decided I would finish it after all. The design was inspired by an old Persian textile that I found in an old book I  have about weaving and even printing techniques from the 1920's written By Amor Fenton. In the end I was rather pleased how this linocut turned out- I was worried some of the lines might be too wobbly or my cutting was a bit rough but you can't really see once it has been printed.I also need to print it on a different surface and just see if that makes a difference.

I also machine stitched up one of the linocut printed cat panels. The machine stitching gives a very different effect to the hand stitching.
The orange and blue cat is machine stitched and the black and greenish cat is hand stitched.

 This is the back of the machine stitched cat. Below are some panels I have printed up. The panels measure 25 cm wide by 50 cm long and are for sale. Each cat panel costs $15 AUS plus postage. Remember these are hand printed panels ready for you to stitch and embellish as you wish.I have made the linocuts myself

And a few people have asked when I am doing another on-line linocutting course. I will start another course on 1 September 2012. If you are interested I can send you further information. The cost will be $60AUS. The course will consist of 3 lessons delivered as  pdf files with a lot of different exercises to help build your skills and to give you ideas  for using your photos or artwork. I will also  set up a classroom forum and  am exploring a few new aspects for delivery. If you are interested in doing this on-line course , just email me and I will send further details.


Textile Tragic said...

Great! I'm in--there's an email on its way to your inbox as I type. Am so looking forward to it.

els44 said...

I love this flower lino-cutting. I followed your on-line class a few years ago and always use what I have learnt with you. It was a great experience.