Sunday, August 12, 2012

Owl Lino-cut

Thank you  for the kind and thoughtful responses I received in response to my previous post- it is much appreciated. I feel as if I am slowly clawing myself back into working mode or working constructively. it's not that I have been idle but I felt like I was getting nothing done. There have also been serious health issues with parents and step parents who are aging- and  it impacts on work especially if you work from home and people just think you are at beck and call.I would love to find a studio space outside my home where i could give workshops and be with other people because working from home is sometimes very lonely and it is hard to motivate ones self.

I made another linocut today of an owl- it measures 20 cm x 50 cm. I have been asked to make some more lino panels to embroider so this is a panel fro embroidering. When I make these linocuts I am very conscious of the fact that I need to think how the pieces will be stitched and how much of the negative space ( the coloured background fabric) will actually show up in the print.Making linocuts for fabric really entails different considerations than making a linocut for paper- though there is some cross over. On paper you can aim for really fine textures and patterning , on fabric such fine textures don't translate as well, though i was surprised it how well the definition came up in the cat linocut print.Anyway the owl panel is for sale if you are interested- I can print any colour.The prices is $15 plus postage. And also remember these are hand prints - if they were on paper I could probably charge a lot more- simply because they would be  ones you would frame. What do you think about pricing of hand printed fabric?

And I shall be starting another on-line linocutting course on 1 September. I take you through a lot of exercises to hone your skills . You will be making  stamps but not just little stamps- you will make all sorts of different sized stamps, explore positive/negative space and even explore using your photos.The cost will be $60AUS. If you are interested please email me

Yesterday I went to Red Rock Community Arts Centre- to sit at a fibre exhibition for the day. The exhibition runs until the end of August and the space is delightful and there is some terrific work on display- some wonderful felted and stitched clothing by Carole Redlich and friends ,stitched and embroidered pieces by local artists ( and I am sorry I did not write down all the names) some of my pieces for the wall , fibre brooches, some student work and folios from Swinburne.Carole has been one of the instigators in getting the fibre exhibition off the ground( I can't find a direct website for Carole's work). The gallery is in a renovated  church donated to the Cororooke community by The Beale family in memory of their young daughter Carolyn who was killed in a car accident several years ago. The money that was received in compensation was used to make this gift to the community- and the gift seems to be much enjoyed by local people and has seen an emergence of a creative community in such a small place- a remarkable and insightful gift. If you have any spare time on the weekend- and you like the countryside it's worth a visit- there is a good local coffee shop nearby I am told.


Sally Westcott said...

What a beautiful owl Dijanne. He looks so much simpler to print than my 3 part owl! Registration was a nightmare! Hugz

Sara Crittenden Coppedge said...

This is a wonderful Owl. Lots of personality.