Sunday, February 05, 2012

Off to Singapore Tomorrow

I am off to Singapore to teach for a couple of days. It has been a fair while since I have been to Singapore and I am looking forward to having a few free days  there (it was too expensive to fly back on friday)  to explore Arab street,  and other parts.
I have been dyeing some fabric to take with me to Singapore- it really has been a while since I dyed fabric- and then of course it had to rain whilst I am trying to get the last of the fabric dried ( we don't have a dryer as they waste too much energy) I always love the colours that emerge when you iron the fabric- it looks so different to the unironed fabric.

I also needed a new bag- the one I have been using, had started to wear through on the corners and looked rather scruffy.I guess these are my little gypsy bags

I have also been stitching another sentinelle panel and will take it with me to stitch on - though I have just found a bit of fabric that would make a very nice travellers' blanket. And  I received the little doily doll and  brooch from Penny in the mail this week- I won her as a giveaway and really like her- it's so  lovely to get surprises in the post!

And good news- the tour to France is going ahead after all- we still would like a few extra people if anyone is interested! it really is a good tour and you are bound to find plenty of inspiration and hopefully I will be able to inspire you to put the inspiration to use! If you are interested  in coming on the tour please email me.

There is also still time to book into the On-line Travellers Blanket Class- it starts on 17 February and already there are people from  different parts of the world booked in! I can't show you my most recent travellers blanket which I completed at the end of January as it was selected in the Beneath the Southern Sky exhibition curated by Brenda Gael Smith. You can follow the exhibition on facebook. I am rather excited to be part of the exhibition as entering  exhibitions seemed to have fallen a bit by the way side  these last years. But here is a little detail photo!


Felicity said...

gorgeous colours in every photo - the new fabrics look delicious and the traveller's blanket is really beautiful

looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks - enjoy singapore!

ann vanherle said...

wat ben ik blij dat alles voor je goed gaat. Ik hoop dat je geniet van je toer .

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Sharon said...

I like your pictures & their colours.

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This is absolutely awesom! Great work!

kids creative chaos said...

I love the gypsy bag! Do you make skirts too? I can totally see me imitating your beautiful work with ties as I am not so artistically inclined. Just pinned it

Unknown said...

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