Wednesday, February 01, 2012

last Call for a Tour of France!

I was hoping the tour to France would go ahead but we have had someone drop out and now it's time to cancel or go ahead. So if you were thinking you would like to go at all now is the time to let me know, because in another two week sit will be too late ( please see the itinerary in the blog post before last- it really is a great trip with lots of interesting historical and textile things to encounter and inspire let alone a wonderful 6 days in Paris!)

I have been busy this last  5 days or so as a friend from New Zealand - Rahima Macdonald came to stay. I tried to show her many of my favourite places in Geelong- but we just could not go past the waterfront every morning- so we started the day off every day with a walk and then a latte and then some  bunting making at home.
Isn't the colour of this bark the most amazing colour? I have never seen bark that was bronze.

Little sculptures in the pavement- aren't they fun!

I wonder who made this image?

Camels was not something I was expecting to see at the waterfront, but there they were. 3 camels waiting patiently to be saddled up for beach rides.

Wonderful reflections of sail  boat masts in the water.

Don't forget there is still time to join the next Travellers' Blanket class starting  on 17 February


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Diane Wright said...

Camels?! In Geelong?! Can hardly wait...til April.

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Judy said...


Lovely photos of Geelong, nice to have a friend to share walks with. As a forrmer Victorian I have spent time round Geelong, but Camels on the beach is most unexpected and a colourful change. The bronze tree trunk iss rather stunning never seen such colour before, also love the reflections of the boat masts.

Usemeplz said...

Great things! Have a nice trip!!!

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