Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Home Again

Well it was a quick trip to Singapore which i thoroughly enjoyed.Thank you to the ladies form the British Club Craft group for inviting me and for your hospitality!

Came home to the news of cancelled workshops next week which throws my budget into a spin, because I do live on an extreme budget.I am going to have to ask workshop organisers to pay a deposit- most things seem to be paid up front now, like my daughters' piano lessons and I can't afford cancellations as I have set aside time and money to ensure I have the right workshop materials.Anyone want to come to my house to learn or be inspired and to create work? We could do a once a month  thing for a reasonable fee.

There is still time to book into the on-line Travellers Blanket Class. The class starts on 17 February. You can see some work in progress of  previous participants  on Glen's blog and Deb's Blog. Actually their work is making me think I need to start another blanket pronto- perhaps I could make a traveller sentinelle? Email me if you are interested.

Needless to say with the travelling little work has been done. One of the things that charmed me in Singapore was the little roadside shrines to various deities. In a city that is and wants to be fast and modern and that has more shopping malls selling  high end "designer" goods than just about anywhere else ( though with goods all the same the world over you begin to wonder about the designer aspect of the goods- wouldn't a beautifully hand made item be much more precious?) there is a little quirkiness here and there and some insight to the way life might have been once and a sense of  spirituality too- which seems hard to find amongst all the shops and shining new highrise and cars.
So here are some of the little shrines I encountered:

It makes me want to build a little shrine of sorts myself! And then there are colourful juxtapositions- some of the older houses with high rise in the background, encroaching and sometimes engulfing...

And finally - a shrine like little water  fountain, I loved the aqua almost emerald green in the background with the limier green of the plants and the charcoal colour of the fountain framed by the banded palm trunks.


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