Sunday, February 12, 2012

In Singapore

The results of Breaking All the Rules Workshop with the ladies of the British Club Craft group in Singapore. We had a lot of fun and some lovely work was produced breaking quite a few of the rules of traditional piecing!

The collage is of some work produced in the  Tifaifai class- again the work is about creating contrast and taking the jump with free machining!

Flying into Singapore last Monday- terrific views from the sky looking onto the Straits.

This image is outside  Books Actually in Tiong Bahru- I loved the little display outside their window- they sell new and vintage books and indepenedently published Singaporean writers, even some hand made books.
On Friday ( which was my birthday) we walked around the Tiong Bahru area- admiring still standing art deco buildings and some little galleries and interesting shops which have opened in the area. They were planning an artist occupation of the area later in february, so well worth a visit if you are in Singapore!

And I loved this homage in a small Chinese temple on a street corner in Tjiong bahru- so colourful, the air redolent with the smell of incense ( to which I added my bit, though I did not burn the paper money, which I wanted to keep for inspiration but inadvertantly left with my chinese colander- that would have been so excellent for steaming vegies and coooking noodles and vegies in broth at the Cricket Club) Out for more exploring today  and head back to Oz tonight on a red eye special and then an 8 hour layover in Brisbane unless I can convince Virgin that they should fly me back to Melbourne sooner ( have no idea why there is an 8 hour gap in supposedly connecting flights.....)


Living to work - working to live said...

I love the look of this workshop, but sadly have no plans to fly down under any time soon. It is many years since I went to Singapore and so glad that the 'modern' has not managed to take over the whole place.

thelmasmith said...

happy birthday, dijanne!!!!!! !

Marianne Bos said...

I really enjoyed the workshops you did in Singapore and it was lovely meeting you!

We hope to see you here again in the future....



buy rift account said...

Great! Love this one.