Sunday, September 05, 2010

Heading Back to France Tonight

I don't know where that month went but it is time to head back to France. I seem to have done a lot of running around and feel like I haven't achieved much at all and I have to hop straight back into work when I get back to le Triadou.

To show I haven't been idle i did  dye some fabric...... to sell at Carrefour Europeen du Patchwork

I have also done some linocuts but I will show them another time when I get the chance to print them on fabric.

This koala was encountered on the road at night near Gellibrand. You rarely see them and this little chap sat and posed and then ambled off into the trees.
This little blue wren decided to use my car mirror as his special grooming aide the other day. The blue of his coat is actually a much deeper colour than in the photo- it's a very beautiful blue colour ( eat your heart out Yves Klein). This is the male of the blue wrens, the ladies are much plainer- it is said that 90% of the progeny that is produced in his little troupe of women are actually by males outside the all that grooming has little effect ....

And last but not least- gorgeous magnolia's in my mothers' garden.


Vicki W said...

Safe travels! Maybe by the time you get home I will actually have my class homework done. Love the koala and the bird is beautiful!

Sally Westcott said...

Get back to France in one piece Dijanne. I wish I could have bought some of that fabric before you Australia. The fabric I bought from you (I bought 2 of the scrap bags you sold) before you went to France has just about run out! Will you have any for sale on the net? Please?


Marlis said...

safe travels dijanne! unfortunately we will not have the chance to meet up in alsace - i'll be in italy (attending jane dunnewold's class).

Heidi said...

where will you be at Carrefour Europeen du Patchwork and do you have your new book there ? I hope to get to Alsace this year again :-)