Thursday, September 09, 2010

Back in le Triadou

I have been back in le Traidou since late Monday night- those long haul flights certainly  take some energy. However the dog who lives here knows nothing of these things and she was ready for her morning walk regardless of the fact that it was hard to drag myself out of bed! Maybe it was a good thing because she and i do so enjoy those morning walks!

This morning Pic st Loup was looking rather sultry...
And the air has a freshness in it  that probably means summer is gone. The grapes on the  vines are ripening and taste deliciously sweet. This morning on my walk I breakfasted on a ripe fig, a small bunch of grapes, and some almonds and a hand full of blackberries. Strangely the dog likes blackberries too.

We are preparing for a wedding here this weekend- my friend with whom I am staying is getting married!

I did some linocutting when I was in Australia- I am adding some extra exercises to my on-line linocutting course. The first one I call wobbling the lines .
I used this  photo to create this linocut.
When you work form a photo the inclination is to make the  linocut look like the photo. There is so much detail in the photo that you would really need to make a very big linocut to do it justice. So i decided to select an element that pleased my eye and decided to wobble the lines to add character.This wobbling of the lines was inspired by the work of Rosario Morra. and also seemed to suit the gothic qualities of the building.

The second  image is about incorporating text and  pattern- it was inspired by the door on the cathedral Familia Sagrada and is just another example of the thoroughness of Gaudi's designs

I made this linocut from the image above:

I normally print on fabric but printed these on paper as i had no  textile ink/paint to print with. I can see myself doing a lot more printing on paper.


Clare Wassermann said...

I love those cuts - I need to get back into it ready for Xmas cards

Judy Rys said...

The linocut of the building is fantastic. It has so much texture and personality. Much more interesting than the actual building!

Chris said...

Perhaps some of us need to repeat!! When is your next lino class so we can spread the word in our various newsletters? Cx

Fiona Wright said...


Diane Elizabeth said...

I would love to take a linocut class this winter. Any coming up?