Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stitching on Boabab Tree Finished

This is an old stone bridge near le Triadou. We drive past it quite often but it was quite a scamper to actually get a photo as there is quite a lot of traffic along the road it sits beside- so pulling up on the road is not an option.
The second image is of my boabab tree finally all stitched. The stitching on the lino-cut printed image really does create a lot more texture. I now wish i had printed it on a different coloured fabric- oh well when I go back to Le triadou. At the moment we are in England staying with my friend Sandy. Taught a workshop yesterday which was a fun relaxed day- we were only six but it was like we had known each other for the longest time ( one or two I had known through various internet connections )- so a very pleasant day.

We are looking around at what options we can find to live here - anyone have a spare 2 bedroom flat or house they want to rent out at a reasonable price??


Suus said...

It is beautiful, I love it.

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

I would have loved to joined your workshop yesterday, but I was alredy booked up when you announced your workshop. If you live over here, will it mean a chane of you repeating this workshp?

dianehobbit said...

Found your blog from Purplemisses, love your tree. I have just started dyeing fabric and painting quilts, so I will keep an eye for more inspirational work from you.