Saturday, February 06, 2010

Workshop in England-20 February

I will be in England the week of the 16th of february to the 24th of February. I am staying with my friend Sandy and we  have organised a workshop on Saturday the 20th of February in the Village where Sandy lives ( not far from Haverhill, Suffolk). If you are interested contact either Sandy ro me.
We will be doing Transfer Printing on  Lutradur and Stitching.
Transfer Printing is a method of getting permanent colour onto synthetic materials such as lutradur (a polyester non-woven fibre), polyester and polyester organza. The process allows you to get three prints so that a series can be created. We also explore methods of melting back and free machine stitching to embellish your printed fabric. Using Polyester fabrics such as organza allows you to build layers and play with transparency and overlays and still create your own distinctive fabrics and pieces.

You will need your machine with darning foot

Price will be £40 including materials.

A supply list will be provided on sign up.

The two photos are of the linocuts which i have hadn stitched. I particularly like the red one as the gold textile paint shines through the red stitching which gives a really nice effect. I must admit i liked the lino-cuts as stand alone ( see my previous post) and I really wondered what on earth stitching would add  to the printed image.But i am pleased with  how the stitching transformed the linocut. I have to stitch the edges and then they will be finished!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dijanne,
I really like the effect, especially that of the background fabric on which you did the lino print. Good stuff!

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ofildejo said...

Tes créations sont magnifiques !jo