Thursday, February 11, 2010

Boabab Linocut

I went for a drive last Sunday and came across some lovely little vignettes- first the lovely terracotta rooves in a small medieval village called Laroque- it's right on the river Herault and I imagine it to be choc a block full of tourists in summer. I couldn't help but notice the little discordance though- the ugly tin roof amidst all those lovely tterracotta tiles and old stones, and yes the ugly power lines as well. The second image is of a little twelfth century chapel  on quite an isolated road- one wonders what poor folk worshipped there, and what one must have done in rome to be sent to such an isolated place. It looked as if it probaly had a small abbey and enclosed garden once upon a time, now a barely discernable ruin- and the sky was really that blue- no filters or anything- just very cold and clear!

This is a linocut I have made of a boabab tree- I love boabab trees- natural water storage containers.I printed this piece and three others was my birthday present to myself. This linocut is large - 50 cm by about 28 cm. I need to dye some fabrics to take these prints. The river print I posted previously  measured about 23 cm by 20 cm.. I intend to stitch this piece as part of Southern Lands. I also have three of the boabab prints for sale for 22 euros inclusive of postage if you are interested email me

Don't forget i shall be in England next week and I will be giving a workshop in Keddington near Cambridge on the saturday- we will be working with lutradur and stitching. it is defintiely going ahead so if you are interested contact Sandy via her blog.The cost is 40 pounds including materials.



Hi Dijanne. Love your linocut print and photos. I have been working away on my KISS quilt in the background, haven't shown it yet on my blog. Looking forward to hearing about the project

Carolyn ♥

ps. I'm having a giveaway on my blog ... ends on Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

Love that baobab, I ADORE that tree too!!!

and... as I've already said,


PS are you coming to AEF this week?

Chris said...

Happy birthday! A lovely gift to yourself! Cx

Clare Wassermann said...

lovely tree. Please come to England again - I can't make this!

magsramsay said...

Happy Birthday- what a splendid way to celebrate!

sandra wyman said...

Happy Birthday from a fellow linocutter! Love the baobab!

Banaghaisge said...

Happy birthday!!!
And I love anachronisms - look at the satellite dish on the ancient tiled roof hiding behind the chimney(?).
Once the boys and I were watching a doco on prehistoric man, and one of them threw a rock at a sabre toothed tiger. And it hit the camera lens and smashed it. They kept it in (prob cos they didnt have another camera to do a retake)...
Have a great time in England - I hope it isnt too cold for you (38* again here yest, major thunderstorms last night (SES building Sunbury was flooded...!) and minor temp drop...whew).

Deborah said...

LOVE that tree!