Friday, February 12, 2010

Downunder Textiles

No Stitching to show you unfortunately- I am having problems with the tension on the Pfaff here- I have tried lots of different things, but it keeps jumping out of tension so I am back to hand stitching.I actually suspect there may be a bur in the bobbin case.

However i did want to share some of my work that is in a new textile magazine produced in Australia . You can see more information on Deborah Seagert's blog. Deborah has been the owner and editor of Downunder Quilts for  a number of years and it is great to see the magazine venturing into textile arts. I wrote two articles for the magazine one on linocutprinting and another on working with lutradur( you can still purchase the Lovely Lutradur cd from me).It is a good discipline writing for magazines because you have to be succinct,informative and hopefully inspiring.

I will be teaching anothe ron-line line cut course starting in early March so if you are interested email me.The cost is 40 euros for three fortnightly lessons - there are  lots of exercises to practice and improve your linocutting and linoblock designing skills in each lesson . You can see some recent work by students on Linda Robertus' blog, Sarah Smiths' blog, Robbie Payne's blog,Linda Bilsborrow's blog,Clare Wasserman's blog,Wietske Kluck's blog, Sally's blog ( I think she got the bug bad!), Magpie's artworks et al.


Unknown said...

I have got the bug bad Dijanne!

In the last few weeks I've given DGD2 a lesson in printing from my linos ( she wants to make her own journals - paper and all! We made paper too!). She is still a bit too young to learn how to cut with th tools I bought. She liked my feathers and I liked what she did with them!

Ta so much for listing me in your posting!

I'm still waiting for my copy of the magazine (pre-ordered)!


PS - I wish I could come to the class in England!

Susan Lenz said...

Thanks so very, very much for the kind words on my blog about my exhibition, Blues Chapel and Last Words. It means the world to me to hear from those who truly appreciate the labor of love, the miles of stitches, and the proud place of fibers in the larger world of art! It means even more to hear such nice things from someone like you, someone whose work I've admired for so long. Thank you very, very much!

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