Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Climate Change quilt

Happy Mothers Day!

I have been pondering my quilt for the Climate Change exhibition to be held at Minerva Gallery, in Wellington in June- it's like I have almost forgotten how to work. I looked at lots of issues and even raised some of them in the blogging process but in the end I couldn't get the Black Saturday fires out of my mind. It was a totally devastating day on so many leveles ,but ultimately it also spoke of the very real changes we have experienced in our climate- it was the hottest day in our white recorded history- it was 47 degrees Celsius before the change came and when the change came it brought mini tornadoes with it- I have never seen tree branches as big as trees hurling in the air like matchsticks. The fire index was 6- three times higher than Ash Wednesday and higher than any other time since records have been kept. That alone says a great deal about what happened on that Saturday. The week prior we had experienced three consecutive days of 44 degrees celsius- also an event that has never occured in white recorded history in this part of Victoria. Yes some of the fires were lit, not all though, but no one was ever going to contain them on that day. So the quilt will be about fire and what i wrote about it in my journal. Anyway this is what I have pinned thus far-it will need lots of hand stitching I think- but do I have time??? I am going to New Zealand next Friday and it's supposed to be done by then.

My class at the Textile Art Festival in Brisbane is definitely going ahead. I will be teaching transfer printing and stitching ( ie working with lutradur)- there are still soem places if you are interested- just follow the link.
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Kristin L said...

YES! Now that you've found a concept you feel strongly about, you'll be able to do it.

Judy said...


Happy Mother's Day to your too!

All the thoughts you have explored and shared with us about your Climate Change quilt fit so well with what happened on Black Saturday and in other parts of the world; I'm sure it will all come together very sucessfully.

Anonymous said...

wat ik kan zien op de kleine foto is gewoon prachtig
ann vanherle