Thursday, May 14, 2009

Climate Change Quilt

Work is progressing on my Climate Change quilt. The panel on the left is lutradur- which unfortunately has a sheen to it when photographed because of the flash, but which in the flesh has an almost felt like appearance. It has writing on it which I transferred like a journal page- recollecting my feelings of that day and some of the facts- the temperature, the conditions and the aftermath. It measure s50 cm by 150 cm long- quite challenging design wise.

I debated a lot with myself acknowledging the human toll- was it trite, was I treading on sacred ground? but in the end these people were the human toll for a tragedy which was far greater than any other we have seen in conditions that were far worse than any we have experienced before here in Victoria- to leave them out somehow denied that this very real tragedy speaks of the way we must change our lives- if only to honour them- so I chose even sided crosses as they appear through all cultures and religions. I had thought intitially when thinking about this quilt ( before the bushfires) to work with the theme - yes but does it hurt?, as some people seem to do so little until they are actually touched or impacted upon- so many of the things we can do actively will be good for all of us and even our personal budgets regardless of how we actually feel about climate change as a political issue. But since the fires the loss of human life and homes and pets and so many things- the answer can only be yes it does hurt- a lot- and res ipsa loquitur- we must change so that we can have some hope of avoiding tragedies on this scale in the future.
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Beena said...

This piece is progressing nicely!

MonkAre said...

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Clare W said...

A very interesting piece - I like to see work as it goes along in the process

Judy said...


The colours of your Climate Change quilt are perfect for the suject matter, and I think it was right to include the human toll with the small crosses. I agree we must change, but it seems a difficult business given we are up against political and business interests; one can be forgiven for despairing that it will ever happen.