Friday, May 22, 2009

Almost Finished

As usual I am rushing at the eleventh hour- have to catch the plane this morning for New Zealand where the quilt has to be delivered and I pick up the My Place quilts.- as I decided to stitch the writing panel to add more texture to the whole piece- this of course added almost two days work to the piece. I found the format challenging- 50 cm x 150 cm ( I know I have worked in long pieces before but they were entirely whole cloth and different considerations come into play). One of the topics that has been talked about in the last few days at the Royal Commission into the bush fires has been the "extreme conditions"- and it is what I wrote about in the written panel- the conditions had never been encountered before and extreme conditions like this are a sign that things are changing. And as I speak Queensland is again experiencing bad floods- the second time in seven months.
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Beena said...

We are having some flooding here in Florida where I live. But this is our rainy season, ending a newer pattern of almost annual winter droughts that come with some fires.

Your quilt looks great!

jude said...

this really has a wonderful intensity. the rushing may have added to its unusual energy.
the word extreme hardly contains the unexpected change in things does it?

Judy said...


Your Climate Change quilt is very striking there is a cohesion that brings it all together, you have done a wonderful job. Safe journey to New Zealand and back.