Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Autumn's Last Hoorah

It is almost winter and autumn is giving it's last leafy blast. The tree ferns however are unfurling fronds at a rate of knots. Most of the foliage was burnt in the extreme heat in early February and yet you would barely know from the amazing amount of fern frond growth since then. Even fern trees that to all intents and purposes looked dead when we arrived here are sending out tentative fronds into the world. And even the roses are having a last hoorah.

Don't forget if you are in Queensland to come by and say hello when I am at the Art Textile Festival in Birsbane. I shall be minding the My Place exhibition on the Friday and Sunday and will also be demonstrating some printing techniques and for a small cost you can have a go yourself.

Also I have had a new lot of books printed- 72 Ways and 72 More Ways- so if you are interested in purchasing just email me.
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Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

What wonderful photo's. I hope
your exhibition goes well.

Lyn (in Kinglake) said...

Dijanne, for a striking testament to the survival ability of the tree fern you should see the ones that have come back from being only blackened stumps (not even the knobbly bits from the old fronds) after the bushfires.
They were among the first vivid bits of green against the grey/black landscape, even before the gum tree re-growth.
- Lyn Duhig (Kinglake)