Monday, December 04, 2006

Three Guesses

Obviously I have been doing very little work. I have done some weeding in the vegetable patch ( it needed it and our season has been late in getting going as we had unheard of frosts in Novemeber) and I joined the Soul Food Cafe and then a virtual Grand Tour and the Lemurian Grand Tour- Sould Food Cafe is all about populating Lemuria a fictional place in order to stimulate writing and creating. As a result I seem to have set up some more blogs( I will go blogging mad) one which will be based in partial reality and incorporate some of my travel adventures and observations Travels Between Caravanserai, I will also show more photos of some of my travels and the other a bit more imaginary though with some elements of some of my experiences Tripping the Light Fantastic. I am hoping all of this will get me involved in creating again- because nothing much is happening except the odd sigh and groan. Anyway one way or another it will force me to do something or I might get lost!

However does anyone want to hazard a guess as to what the photo in this post might be of? Wish I could dye like that!


Claire said...

Hi Dijanne, I am having trouble being creative at the moment too. I think it is the time of year - for me, work takes over. Perhaps it has something to do with the change in weather, cricket on the telly etc :o)

Your photo looks like a close up of the grain on leather or cracks in drying mud (but I reckon it is too shiny for that).

I reckon you could achieve similar results with dye, using potato dextrin as a resist. I have never tried it, but I've seen photos of the effect and it gets crackled like that.


Sarah Ann Smith said...

My first thought was mud. My second thought was a super-macro shot of skin. My dry skin. Yes, winter is about to arrive (and maybe the first snow tonight!) here in Maine (far NE corner of the US)!

Cheers, Sarah

Anonymous said...


Dijanne, the photo says drought! A topic even in my part of OZ (the island of the end) where greens are remisicecent of Ireland drought is our main thought.

Your have blown my mind open with your new blogs, I have never been to SoulFood Cafe before I will haunt it in future.

Fabric arts are creativity with a difference but not the sum total of creative pursuits. Thanks for the new direction.

Anonymous said...

Dijanne, My guess is bark on a treetrunk. Though, drought is on a lot of people's minds - so it could be something to do with that. K.

Linda Cline said...

Couldn't be mud. Mud is lighter colored when it's dried (California mud is anyway). I'm guessing chocolat brownie.

Deb Lacativa said...

Looks like potato dextrin resist put on thick and left a long time,undisturbed.

Joyce said...

it looks like some kind of bark to me or potato dextrin which I have seen online and would love to learn how to use.

Anonymous said...

The color and texture of the cracks says bark to me. But I'm curious as to what it really is.

Jan said...

My guess on the cracked photo is a rubber tire, possibly on something like an old tractor that has been outin the sun for many years.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dijanne,
I'm sure your drive for creativity will return .... just give it time.
Your photo looks like tree bark to me, although my first thought was my paddock in the Riverina which is looking almost like that in patches, with the odd tuft of dry & rapidly disintegrating grass.
Karen in Coolamon

Sophie said...

A tree or log after it's been burnt in a fire.

heidi said...

Is it something done with pave paint?
Or paving-stone?

Anonymous said...

Is it a close up of the skin of some Australian animal?

Mary Andrews

Jenn said...

i'm in a surface design class at central michigan university and i've been experimenting with potato dextrin resists. this looks like it coudl be the stuff. corn starch works well to and is a heck of a lot easier to find, however, is it also a bit more tempermental. if u add corn starch to boiling water, let it cool down a bit, spread it over your fabric, let is dry, paint on dye, and rinse... u could definately make that same effect. i personally think thhe effect looks more like alligator skin.