Sunday, December 24, 2006

Eye Idols of Tel Brak Finished

I have finished the eye idol quilt. The border with foiled circles I zigzagged quilted- normally this pulls the fabric in and I made allowance for it- however I forgot that I was sewing on poplin rather than the normal homespun weight I use and nope it didn't pull in like normal so I had to do some trimming- I hope hanging it for a day or two will also help it settle. I even put on the binding- one of those jobs I always leave until the 11th hour. Now I can get on with somethign new. And my Christmas present I had ordered myself - a book on Sumer and the Sumerians did not arrive in time for the tree :-(

I want to wish everyone who visits my blog a very very happy Christmas and a very happy and safe New Year. The countries visiting has crept up to 86- I would really love to know who the people are and what you do.

Next week I will spend reviewing what happened this year and setting goals for next year. What type of goals do you set yourself? I know I do want to enter a few more things in Australia than I have in the last few years- I always seem to be away for the deadlines and I am not sufficiently prepared before I leave to send in an early entry. And this last year and next I will need a lot of my quilts for exhibition commitments apart from what I sell. I think I would also really like to make a very big quilt ( well big for me- around the 180 cm mark- I used to make about one a year, but they have always sold quickly so I don't have any on hand)


arashi said...

Tis a beaautiful and thoutghtul piece, Dijanne. The eye idols are reminders ot the ancient mother godesses associated with OWLS, Diana, Astarte, Lilith, aand many others. The eyes are associated with Wisdom, vigilance and childbirth. I wish that I were wealthy as I woud buy a lot of your work, but I am so happy that you share it online as do numerous others , each making a contribution that will create a major niche in the art world I think. Have a Merry Winter Solstice or in your case, I guess Summer.

joyce said...

I love how the Eye of the Idol turned out. It's so unusual and the quilting is fantastic. One of my biggest goals for 2007 is to get over to Australia to see my grandchildren who live there. It's been too long and the internet doesn't cut it when staying in contact with little kids.

Helen Suzanne said...

lovely work Dijanne. wishing you a very happy yuletide/xmas and vitality and inspiration for all your creative endevours for 2007

Anonymous said...

Eye idols are not connected with Mother Goddess, but in my opinion and some famouse archeologist like Max Mallowan (discoverer of the Eye Temmple at Tell Brak in N-E Syria; Mallowan 1947)or Jil Stein, they could be representations of inhabitants (priests, dukes, elite) of ancient Nagar and Khabur region.
Some of them are wearing interesting headgears, some have engraved small "idol" on the stomach of big one (child?), some necklaces and garments...If they were a representation of a god, it is more possible that all of them would be the same.
I'm finishing my MA thesis about Eye Idols now.
Archeologist from Poland