Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Lovely Surprise

This gorgeous necklace arrived in the post today-I wonder what once lived in the amulet shaped bead? Jenny Bowker sent it in payment of my book

And on another good note I have received the inaugural Ozquilt grant to help with travel expenses for Sense of Place to Syria and France. This is a great relief as I was seriously beginning to despair as to how I was going to pay for airfares and accommodation in Syria. So thank you Ozquilt for supporting some wonderful Australian work ! I will be posting more information on the Sense of Place blog later this week.Check out the Ozquilt Gallery as well as it contains work by many of Australia's leading contemporary quilt artists.

Had a wonderful time in Braidwood but forgot to take my memory card for my camera so did not take any photos. Met up with lots of people both known and new. I visited Fyregallery which was exhibiting a wonderful little exhibition of Picasso aquatints and drypoint etchings made mainly for Vollard. And next year I shall be teaching from 1-3 June at Braidwood Townstay, which is an old bank building with a workshop and also rooms for accommodation.If you would like to enrol for the workshops just contact Fiona Hammond via the website. Gill Burke came and showed me some of her wonderful printed silks- check them out!

Meanwhile I haven't done a scrap of work- tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow! But I am wearing my new necklace :-)


Anonymous said...

The naclace is a beautiful payment. And CONGRATULATIONS on receiving the grant!!!!

Anonymous said...

The pendant would have (and may still) contain a prayer scroll.

Sayward said...

Congratulations on the grant! I just discovered your blog a few days ago and I'm really enjoying browsing through your work. I'm a textile arts student, and your techniques and work are inspiring.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Congrats from me too. And clever jenny to make that necklace.