Monday, October 02, 2006

Pomegranate Contemplations

I really like soft covered books- not paperbacks as such but ones that have an almost leathery cover. I have made some over the years and have used Japanese momogami paper as the inner stabiliser/leathery outside cover- it is soft and pliable and strong, apparently the poor Japanese workmen used to make clothing from momogami as it was strong and even warm. I made another one on the weekend for the contemplation of pomegranates and the photo is of the cover ( it is A4 size) which is hand stitched and ended up taking way longer than planned( it was all that hand stitching- the threads are crocheting yarn which I buy in the Netherlands at the market- it's called glossy crocheting yarn and is actually mercerised cotton and dyes beautifully) . I bind Khadi papers as the inner pages - they are kind of rough and textured though do take watercolour paints. They do not like my fountain pen ( another pet kind of obsession- you can buy cheap fountain pens in the supermarches in France- and some of them write beautifully and they are so much nicer to write with than biros- on the up end of the fountain pen market I have two Lamy fountain pens, and I converted a lot of my fellow solicitor coleagues in days gone by to their use, but seem to have lost one- it will turn up, but my current favourite is one of the cheapest ones I bought a couple of years ago at Intermarche- french school children still write with fountain pens at school) The Kadi pages can be stitched and again the fibre is strong so a lot of stuff can be done to it.

Several people have asked me about the cost of the pomegranate cards- they are all 5"x7" which is larger than normal sized postcards ( think the next size up). Tomorrow I will post a picture of the ones I have left. They are priced at $30 US including postage.


Joyce said...

I love your book. Is that the back and front or is it two different books? Either way it looks great. My son used to work part time in a paper factory in Japan and we were amazed at the paper they turned out. It's hard to beat the Japanese when it comes to paper.

Anonymous said...

we are just testing posting to a blog! But we do like your work.
Ros & Judy