Monday, October 30, 2006

Admin instration urghh

I spent most of the weekend with Robina and Tony ( whose website will be functioning soon so I will link when it is) sorting out the photos, banner and letterhead for Sense of Place. All those things had to be sent out in proposals today- always at the eleventh hour of course.And it always takes forever to do and then dash into the post office to post it all. I always start to feel frustrated doing this for whilst it is a very real part of the work I do, I always feel guilty if I haven't sewn or done something creative for the day.

The collage is of the bush around Bend Of Islands where Robina and Tony live- it is a part of the Yarra river just outside of Melbourne where the residents themselves have agreed to an environmental code for their surroundings- this means no dogs or cats and only a small area of European or non-native garden and leaving the bush intact. I am always surprised by how messy the Australian bush is- the forest floor is littered with all sorts of leaf and twig litter. The picture bottom right is of scribbly gum where insects get between the bark of the tree and the wood and carve the squiggles.


Anonymous said...

What great photos.
When I first saw the scribbly gum I thought it looked like a stone fresco - even the colour.
The lichen looks so pretty.
Best wishes,

margaret said...

Such nostalgia - last year I was walking along the Yarra in Kew with my friend. But yesterday I was looking at the "Under the Southern Cross" catalogue and thinking what a great exhibition it was, what great quilts these are, and how the catalogue brings it all back. So doing that "administration" is worthwhile - thank you!