Saturday, September 03, 2005

Small Quilt Done

Small Quilt Done
This is the small quilt I promised to the 20,000th visitor- I have still not been able to work out who that was, and I have posted all the information I have. If it is not claimed by next Tuesday evening I will donate it to Laura Cater- Woods, art quilt auction to fundraise for the survivors in New Orleans.

Have finally got my laptop back from Melbourne, and am now working on some 'lace scarves' . Whilst I was not totally sure about the extra stitching on the leaf piece, other people that I showed did like it, and surprisingly when I pressed it it felt much softer than tulle on its own. I would like to try this with cotton tulle- as that would be really soft. You can also buy silk tulle but it is very expensive- I am not sure how much the cotton tulle is , will have to investigate , but I like the idea that it can be dyed as well and of course the softness of the touch.Posted by Picasa


Caitlin O'Connor said...

Your small quilt is lovely, Dijanne! Where are you sourcing your silk and cotton tulle?

Anonymous said...

Hello Dijanne,
What a beautiful quilt as usuall,are Lucky person to get this, or a wonderful idea for the auction. Still think your the best Quilter,
Dianne Sands sis..
Have a great Day...