Monday, September 12, 2005

Off to Europe Tomorrow

Sorry no pictures today- have run out of time. Got back this afternoon after Quilt Indulgence where I taught and showed some of my quilts as well as Across Australia. Unfortunately numbers of visitors was down, but those that came enjoyed the quilts!

Now it is to packing! And the quilts don't fit in the suitcase- argghh- how to get them in???I shall try and post some pictures from my travels .


Arja said...

have a safe trip! too bad i can't make it to Alsace this year. will be finishing my tifaifai quilts instead.

filambulle said...

Hi Dijanne!
Thanks again for the fun time I had in your course monday. It went way too quickly, but I've been happy to be at home sooner.
I will post about my days in Sainte Marie soon, so if you please, check on my blog when you come back home.
Have a nice trip in France

PaMdora said...

I love Gaudi and Barcelona! Great photos, thanks for posting