Monday, September 05, 2005

Mystery Visitor

I have been trying to work out who the 20,000th visitor is. I have two people both of whom have British Telecommunications as isp's but who do not live in Ipswich- though I believe rerouting is common. However at 12.21.35pm ( and I believe this is US time and don't know what the equivalent British time would be) the person with the matching isp number 86 133 204 visited for 3 minutes 27 seconds and exited on the leaf lace page and looked at 3 pages. I know just about everything except who you are.Who was this?? There is a small quilt waiting for you.


Linda said...

I can't remember what time it was that I visited that day, as opposed to other daily visits to see what you are up to! ( Love the scarf by the way.) If it is a draw then I agree with Sandy - the winner has to be Katrina.

Frances said...

well i'm with BT but I would doubt a rerouting would do ipswich scotland, pity, I don't know if i was on line at the time either, it is a wonderful little quilt,

I think sending to Laura for open hearts sounds good,

Dijanne, how do you find the info on people visiting your blog, is it through blogger or some other way, I'd love to know,

Anonymous said...

How does one find their isp number?

Jenny Walton said...

like Frances I am also with BT but in Durham not Ipswich - 86 I've forgotten the rest!!!!!

As the lucky ecipient of one of France's donated quilts for Katrina, I think that sounds a grand idea.