Saturday, January 03, 2015

Things Medieval

The heat here is stifling and the state is on extreme fire alert. I hope and pray everyone stays safe. The wind is quite ferocious and that does not bode well especially for fast moving grass fires. Fortunately that does not affect me greatly as I am in the city ( though the heat does) but still these kind of days play on everyone's minds given what has happened in the past.

I did finish the dragon linocut. This is the last linocus in the series I have created for the Medieval project.I will update the medieval page soon with delivery dates etc- but you have until April if you send to France. See what you think.

This is the dragon  printed on paper. He looks fiercer than I thought he would be he does have the right sort of bestiary feel about him. Initially I had left the white space around him dark, but that does not work very well when you print on fabric- leaving space around him blank so to speak allows for all sorts of embroidery and stitching.

Here is printed on some green fabrics I found:

I can certainly see lots of possibilities for stitching. Anyway he measures about 18 cm x 23 cm ( I don't have him here to give you the exact measurement) and he is for sale for $15 plus package &  postage ( $3). I will be dying more fabric when it is not so hot so if you are interested colour choice is up to you- just email me if you would like to purchase one. And for the first five purchases I will also include this little hare linocut which I made whilst i was staying with Jane Rollason in the Charentes. He measures about 8 cm x 15 cm- and whilst not strictly medieval could be!


Penny said...

Yes please Dianne he is lovely I will email you

Linda said...

These are so nice and I love the green fabrics. Happy 2015.

Quilting Dee said...

Love the scary dragon! Wonderful on the green fabric! Look forward to seeing more!