Sunday, January 25, 2015

They have Arrived!

Finally the books have arrived and we are working hard preparing all the parcels, we have to load the dvd's ourselves and then we have to wrap and make sure we include the right gifts/prints with everything that  has been pledged for- so it takes time to be on top of all that !So bear with us, things should be going in the post very soon! We will also bulk airship to Europe in the next week or so and be posting from within Europe as the costs of postage  from Australia is simply ridiculously expensive.

But you can imagine my consternation when this arrived at the bottom of a sloping drive earlier this week...
 One tonne and 100 something kilos with one delivery man  with an old hydraulic jack- it was not going to  get up the drive that way and I would not have wanted him to hurt himself. I do like  that he put it in the middle of the drive, so my daughter could not get in or out, and so it had to be moved. She was at work, but it meant I had to  unpack the whole pallet and store books in a safe place. My youngest daughter did come and help, but it took a lot of carrying and toing and froing.

I also installed the Sentinelle exhibition last week at Copacc in Colac, and already I am getting a lot of positive feedback ( follow the link for more information). It has been hard to get to Colac regularly ( as it is a 2 hour drive there and 2 hours back) because we are so flat out busy but I will be there next Friday. They looked terrific and whilst I was installing  many people came and asked what the exhibition was about as they had never seen anything like it - it constantly amazes people to see the diversity and creativity of all the women  who have made each sentinelle. So again thank you for entrusting me with this journey and another exciting development has happened- they have been invited to be exhibited in Perth in August of this year as I hope you will allow your pieces to stay, but if you desperately would like your piece back please  let me know. One of the reasons for agreeing to Perth is that the organiser said it is so hard for them to get the wonderful exhibitions that we see in the east of Australia.
Here are some of the girls in Colac:

I have also been conducting some of the workshops which were part of the pledges from our Pozible campaign. We did a tifaifai workshop at  the Convent in Abbotsford last week and was reunited with one of my Tifaifai pieces I made many moons ago and which was raffled off for  a fundraiser none of us could remember the reason for.

It was lovely to see this piece again.It was one of the tifaifai variations I had forgotten about.

 I have now printed up a myriad of colours for the dragon print which is part of the Medieval project- which launches in April in Nantes, France at Pour l'Amour du  Fil. I still have Kings and Queens and of course rabbits as well. The dragon panel measures about 20 cm x 25 cm and  is an original linocut which has been hand printed. The price is $15 plus $3 postage. If you would like to purchase a panel please email me.

And last but not least there is still time to join the Form & Variation on-line class starting on 4 February this year. If you want to stretch your imagination a little and really get stuck into  developing your work and taking it further and learn some elements of design along the way this may be for you. I already have a group of people who I think will have a lot of fun with  the ideas and are also serious about pushing a little further. I have a rough guide available with more details just email me. Each of you will be working on your won forms and variations so that what you take away from it is your won work. The course will last all year and hopefully result in at leats one large piece of work if not more!


Penny said...

All seems to be go. go! My lovely dragon accompanied by 2 rabbits arrived safely on Friday, thank you so much, put aside to complete with my sentinel, still not finished for winter stitching. Love them all and thank you.

friv 2 said...

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