Thursday, January 01, 2015

Sentinelles and a Happy and Creative 2015!

I hope all of my readers have a wonderful and creative 2015, and that it will be a year of fullfillment of dreams. I am certainly ready for it!

I promised another look at the Sentinelles and so I have made a Youtube video for you to enjoy. I apologise to Lee Mills for I have somehow left off your name on the list of participants at the front- I will amend that in due course ( but it involves remaking the film, reloading the film and as I am on one of those wifi usb's at the moment data is a bit of an issue- or the amounts of it). Also I have listed the participants at the beginning of the film rather than label each image and I hope this will be ok, as to label each image was going to take a long time, as it was it took about 6 hours to make the film. So enjoy! Just click on the words Sentinelle Panorama

There is still time to  join the Medieval Project and I shall have the dragon linocut finished later today. The Medieval Project will first be shown  at Nantes at L'Amour du Fil (QuiltMania) from the 22nd of April. So the deadline is before that time. It would be great if you could send the finished pieces to France ( and I have a friends private address there that things can be sent too, and as they are not very big they will not be so expensive to send)) but I can also take some, though I also need to return Sentinelles to France and take some of my books so my actual luggage capacity is small. I  will put deadline dates up on the dedicated blog page entitled Medieval Project in the next few days ( I only got my 2015 diary at Christmas). There is also a participation fee to help cover some of the costs. After Nantes the pieces will come back to Australia for the Berry Retreat at the end of August and will then go on to tour other Australian venues. As there is a choice of panels ( 5 in all) the appearance of the exhibition will be different, though I am hoping it will have the same charm and  outburst of creativity  with stitch and thread and embellishment!

You can still purchase panels form me and I shall put up some more panels I have printed ( including the dragon- I also have to dye some fabric first). Just email me!

And don't forget if you are in Melbourne you are welcome to drop by my studio at Appleton Street Studios in Richmond not far from Ikea.

And it looks like the Form and Variation class is a goer, so message me if you would like to join- it will hopefully be interesting and inspiring for all of us!


Ruth Anne said...

I really enjoyed watching the video. Several of the sentinelles were made by by friends. I'm still working on mine.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thanks for putting this together - both the exhibit and the video. Absolutely mesmerizing and amazing that a single image could be finished out in so many different ways. I was particularly interested in the close-ups as I not only have a sentinelle that you quilted but a panel waiting for me to finish out. Such inspiration here!