Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Getting Hotter

I often work in the sunroom attached to this house which is not insulated- so in the depths of winter it's too cold and in the heat of summer it is way too hot.Today is one of those days- it's been hot all week, so even my other workroom which gets the full sun gets too hot to work, so it's been a week of uneven work habits- and yet I feel like I am shoring up for something- not quite sure what- but it creates that odd feeling of expectancy- but expectancy of what?

My tour of France has been cancelled- not enough travellers unfortunately and none for the tour of Italy.It's a pity there were some wonderful things to see and enjoy.

I have been  doing volunteer guiding at the Geelong Gallery. It's been fun, not that I have done a lot of guiding but it does get you looking at the collection on a regular basis and of course any new exhibitions. At the moment  there is an exhibition of glass  by Nick Mount entitled The Fabric of Work- which is just wonderful. I think I just about love every single piece in this exhibition from the scent bottle inspired urchin like pieces to the more statuesque sculptural assemblages and the fruit and vegetable inspired pieces.
 The  lustrous translucent aubergine glass piece is accompanied by some Lionel Lindsey woodcut prints.
 On my walk on Friday- again mistiness through heat and  in the middle ground that is the reflections in the water- it doesn't look like water at all.

There is a fallen tree trunk along one of the paths- I wondered why it had been left there but on closer inspection it had actually been  played with  with bands of coppery  sheets and rusty nails. Lovely textures which the camera doesn't really pick up.

Oh and I have more news on Hortense Hazard- but I will save it for another post- I found her novel written in Italian and quite a lot of other things including a living descendant!


Annette said...

Love that fallen tree trunk.

glen said...

gorgeous photos Dijanne..the misty tree one looks like a beautiful impressionist painting. You have reminded me about the gallery, must come and have a browse next week......... cheers, glen