Friday, February 08, 2013

Morning Walks and Some Stitching

I don't know how this week got gobbled up so quickly- but it has disappeared and I haven't got nearly enough work done.

I have been going on morning walks with a neighbour from down the road and we have been walking  along the Moorobool river and the foreshore. It's lovely to get out early in the morning and do some walking whilst the air is still cool.

 The colours were lovely and there was still some mist coming up from the cool water. We walked as far as the old Fyansford Mill. What fun to discover an old petrol bowser still in gallons- that is pre-1965!

And despite the water looking dark and murky from all the tannin from the gums the reflections were wonderful.

I worked on a sample of stitching- I will be teaching  in Italy and France come April as well as attending Quilts en Beaujolais. The image is of a friends cat who has  wide green eyes ( she is not well at the moment so I am sending a little prayer with the image!) You can see the original photo and my translation- I was really happy with how it came up!

 I did finally manage to get a successful  transfer print of the Paris Dufy inspired scene- not without mucking up the first print and having to live with the second as it takes such a long time to draw the whole scene. This time I did it with transfer crayons which in a way were not fine enough pointed for fine detail, but allow me to wash the colour where I wanted it. The problem with crayons is that you usually get only one good print- and I mucked up the firt print as the paper is about 1 metre square and it moved - so I basted the  paper to the lutradur so it wouldn't move and crossed my fingers that a second print would happen- and it did on the whole and the bits that did not transfer so well i can rescue with stitching.

And last but not least......
Last year I also made a video for  Emma Coutancier in France and her on-line lesson  2Mains pour Creer. The video is about working with lutradur or polyester non-woven. There is an English version and a French version, depending on which language you would like to see it ( though the french version is not spoken by me as my french is not good enough). It's odd seeing yourself on a video and of course I did some dyeing before I left Australia so my finger nails have a bluish tinge- the hands of a working artist! here is the link


Catherine said...

Beautiful photos! We're still in the depth of winter in the northern hemisphere so it's great to see some green. Love the cat too and its picture!

Annette said...

That video looks fantastic.. loved the preview, thankyou.