Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Paris , Homage a Raoul Dufy and On-line Lutradur Class.

I have  been working on a transfer printed piece inspired by some Dufy paintings and tapestry designs of Paris for my France work. I must say it's taken me some time to get a decent print because I made  a few mistakes as I went along- in the first instance I forgot to reverse the image, then when I did the paper shifted and I ended up with a blurred image, then I tried it with transfer crayons and the same thing happened. Then another print had movement, too much and finally i came up with this print, the paper still moved a little but I can rescue that with stitching, and in any case after five tries enough was enough as it took more than a day to paint the transfer paper. The stitching is progressing at breakneck speed in comparison to painting the papers to create the transfer which is approximately 90 cms square. The  image has been printed on polyester non-woven ( lutradur)

And...on working with lutradur

Last year when I was in France last year I made an instructional video for 2Mains Pour Creer on the use of polyester non-woven ( lutradur) the way i work with it which is slightly different to the way a lot of people work with it.  You can see a preview of the video here and you can enrol for the class ( which is in French or English) here.

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