Sunday, October 09, 2011

Working on More Sentinelles

So much for school holidays- I barely know where the time has gone and I have a commission to do ( a cot quilt) but I like to think about the fabric when I make a quilt and I haven't quite decided what to use yet, though there is a few fabrics auditioning.

But I want to make more Sentinelles for Prague both small and  a few large ones ( for which I will make a new stencil). I had made a linocut previously for small sentinelles but somehow they did not seem quite right, so I cut a new linocut- she is such a mix of influences that she  is quite different to the others- she has a classical Greek feeling about her but I am sure that is only because of the way I made the headress.
Here she is printed on bamboo paper- I know the print is not  quite clean- but I prefer hand printing on paper and  live with the slight mistakes ( though I must admit a press is on the wish list and has been for some time- one day in better times...)

Here is the linocut beside the paper printed sentinelle.

printed on lutradur with  transfer dyes and placed over a aqua coloured piece of fabric.

Printed on cloth with gold ink.

Printed on lutradur with  transfer crayons- a much softer effect and perhaps not sufficient for what i want.Now If you are interested in buying a single sentinelle panel- you can buy one from me.Each panel measure 6 inches x 18 inches (15 cm x 45 cm).The cost is $15 AUS inclusive of postage.

 My aim is to get them to all corners of the earth ( I can't believe that I have visitors from 191 countries visit my blog....) one way or another- they have a message and it's for a better world. I have also written previously about their message and am still working on refining it- it takes time and I am slow- this idea has been with me such a long time when I look back through my journals that i can't rush.

And then after reading Lucallian Delights today ( one of my favourite food blogs and one I have read for many years now- I love the food and the photos) Ilva mentions she has been blogging for 6 years- which made me go check my own archives and blow me down on 23 October I will have been blogging for 7 years- can it be all that time?? You  my readers have been through so much with me- the travelling, the amazing places I have been, my personal up and downs, and my work- always my work ; you have left many comments, encouragements and I have made many friends, so I will have  the following small piece as a gift to thank a lucky reader- simply leave a message in the comments box and I will draw out the winning name  on October 23.( I will be making some more of these in the next few days so you dear  reader( and winner) will be able to choose which they would like)

And don't forget- there will be another on-line linocutting class running from 14 October- just email me if you are interested or want further information.


ms lottie said...

Hi Dijanne, I've been lurking for a while and I'm ashamed that it's taken a giveaway to make me comment! But I can't pass up the chance to have a little piece of your work on my wall. I think your work is beautiful and thoughtful and I always love visiting.

Janny said...

I love your work and the way how you describe everything. I have your CD: 72 ways not to stipple or meander
and I use this a lot. Thanks for the giveaway.

Sally Westcott said...

Hi Dijanne,

I don't need the give away! Please drop me off that!

Your new lino is just amazing! She is just plain beautiful - I would lovfe one but she is outside my scope!

I am still carving and learning ( stitching as well - both Travellers Blankets are happening).


MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Dijanne. Don't want the giveaway either (i have lousy mail service-wouldn't want to risk losing anything) but I just wanted to say that the Sentinelles are beautiful in their varied forms and colors. Very pleasing.
best, nadia

lisette said...

i would love to buy a sentinelle panel, dijanne - she is just stunning. to me she has a byzantine look - especially the last one on the lutradur, which reminds me of a redon.

joyce matula welch said...

My daughter is taking her first printmaking class at university and she and I really appreciate the lino cut and the different ways you printed your design. Cool!

Rachel said...

You've produced so many variants of this design, all equally fascinating!

Sarah said...

Your work is always so inspiring and I like to drop by to get ideas or kickstart me when Im feeling at a loss as to what to do - THANKS!!

Lynette (NZ) said...

Love those sentinelles and would love to win one of your pieces. Your work is beautiful.

Penny said...

Love to win one of your pieces. My travellers blanket is slowly evolving. I too am still lino cutting, but nothing like this lovely sentinel, I would love to buy one too, I will email you

ann vanherle said...

Ik heb gelezen dat je in mei naar veldhoven komt.Laat je me weten hoe lang je hier bent dan kan ik een workshop regelen. groeten ann

Chris Beardsley said...

HI Dijanne, I would love to win your classic stiched piece - it is very representative of you and your distinct style. This is particularly wonderful with the yellow highlights, love it.

Diane Wright said...

I, too, want to buy one of your sentinel prints...she is gorgeous. Instead of mailing (I'd hate to have anything happen to her) I could retrieve her Mar/Apr when we are next in Geelong. (IF you are going to be there!)

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Jeann of Melton said...

Dijanne, I really love the Sentinelle printed on the lutradur with transfer dyes. Having seen some of your other ones 'in the flesh' and knowing how magnificent and different to each other they are I can imagine how great these ones are.

Jeann Clark

Ruth said...

I'm mostly one of your silent readers, although I have commented now and then.
The giveaway is one of your designs that I really like.
The new sentinelle looks lovely too.
Maybe I will find the time to take one of your courses in the future. Pity the msster class in France never happened.

tesuque said...

Wow - blog readers from 191 countries!

francyne said...

Oh my! I just love your work. Of course the fact that the piece is done in my favorate colors - blue and green- doesn't hurt any either. Congratulations on blogging for so many years.

Monique 78 said...

I love your new sentinelle. I'd like to have one printed on lutradur; I can take it in Prague in December, I'll meet you there. I already have the jug and teapot small quilt, so don't put my name in.

Karen F said...

Hi Dijanne, this new sentinelle is just lovely. She looks more kind and caring than the previous one, like she really would be looking out for you ...

GerdaJ said...

Hi Dijanne, you have always inspired me in stitching and life, retire end of the year and hope to do heaps of exciting projects. love gerda moruya

GerdaJ said...

Best wishes for your next trip overseas, alway check your blog. Gerda