Friday, March 04, 2011

Almost Finished!

I am not sure where my week has gone- I have worked hard, making final arrangements for my trip to Syria and then Europe. I shall be teaching one day at EQC at Veldhoven in the Netherlands as well as exhibiting work from 5 May until 8 May. Then I go onto Parma in Italy for Italia Invita  from 13-15 May ,where I am also teaching workshops, then to Montpellier and some work on setting up  our Atelier Printemps Sacré and then onto Orleans and some workshops on 27 and 28 May with Au Fil d'Emma, and on 24 May and 31 May with Best of Quilting near Paris. This will be the only trip I make to Europe this year-as I cannot be away too much as my daughter is going to school and I have no other backup support apart from my eldest daughter.That is the hard part about being a single parent.

I shall also be doing monthly workshops at Jiddi's Patch here in Geelong starting on June 11- they will be workshops to build textile skills and develop work- they will be ongoing and will take the format of a bit of art textile school- so I will have to sit and devise a  curriculum . I am also starting a Travellers' Blanket workshop at Jiddi's Patch- our first workshop will be dyeing the fabrics  to be used on Saturday 2 April, and then monthly sessions of stitching the  travellers memoires starting Tuesday evening from 7-9 pm on 5 April. If you are interested in doing any of these workshops please contact Jiddi's Patch ( see the link above)- we can only accommodate 8 participants.I think the universe is telling me to stick to textiles even though the going is tough and I don't make enough to pay my bills at the moment, and I am certainly not getting any interviews for jobs I have applied for.

I have done a  lot of stitching on  my sentinels as well as procrastinating about the further six sentinels I want to create.Thank you for all the positive comments about them and Gillian mentioned in a comment to my last post that they reminded her of Aboriginal Wandjina figures.  The figures are actually an amalgum of a few things- my love of byzantine icons and madonnas, the wish to incorporate lace patterning  on the bodies, and  idea that we must be watchful of the earth; the last few catastrophic months here  at the bottom end of the Pacific Ocean is evidence that we must indeed practice what we all know we must do- so the idea of the earth and wishing to represent it has a strong role to play - and in that regard I am inspired by Fred Williams and  Judy Watson.

It measures 102 cms x 100 cm ( 41 inches x 40 inches) and has taken a lot of stitching. My other sentinels will be different. This piece is for sale subject to being exhibited at EQC and Italia Invita- the price is $1,200 US inclusive of shipping after the Italia Invita event.

Last friday i had a visit from Diane Wright who was visiting form the USA and had asked if she could see my work and buy  my free machine stitching books ( they  lived and worked in Australia  some years ago and are passionate about Victoria). That is the amazing thing about the internet- not only do you get to meet people online but  some  you get to meet face to face. She purchased a small eucalypt piece I made some years ago and  we had a lovely dinner that night at a tapas bar here in Geelong.

And last but not least- there is still time to enroll in my online linocutting class starting on 7 March.The cost of the class is $55 US and extends over a six week period. Here are some blog posts from people who have done the class:
Linda Bilsborrow
Linda Robertus
Sally Westcott
Vicki Welsh
Sarah Ann Smith
And her is a collage of some of the linocuts I have made  in the last few years  and the lessons and exercises will look at creating your own motifs and patterns ;


Vicki W said...

I highly recommend your class to anyone wanting to learn lino cutting. Your materials are incredibly thorough. I loved it!

Anonymous said...

Your dyeing is so wonderful! Any chance you could do an online dyeing cloth workshop or one on the Traveller's Blanket as you carry on with your actual live group?
Joanne in Canada

Diane Wright said...

Sentinels is Wonderful! I'm thrilled that I got to see it in person!! THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Ótimo trabalho!

guru said...

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Denise said...

Your artwork is just spectacular!!

Anonymous said...

nd last but not least- there is still time to enroll in my online linocutting class starting on 7 air max pas cher March.The cost of the class is $55 US and extends over a six week period.

Englisch lernen said...

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