Wednesday, March 09, 2011


I have been cutting out a life size stencil of a sentinelle.It's taken me ages as i wanted the effect to be  lacey.I finally finished it today but the  printing ink I have ordered hasn't arrived yet and I am chomping at the bit to see how the  sentinelle looks printed.Plus I want to make these for my exhibitions in Europe - so I have got quite some work ahead of me.
Here is the drawn sentinelle:
I don't like the shape of the halo and will change that before I cut it.
And here she is cut out.The discs will be places where I will make other prints or embroidery pertinent to the subject matter the sentinelle is watching.

I found another unfinished teapot and Rosewater jug- and finished it.It is for sale for $45US inclusive of postage. If you are interested just email me .SOLD

Oh and Happy International Women's Day! 

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ann vanherle said...

Ik ben zeer benieuwd naar je nieuw werk en ga je zeker zien in Veldhoven. Ik ben geselecteerd met mijn werk over Eric Clapton.groetjes ann