Friday, February 25, 2011

Sentinels Taking Shape

I have been working- yay. I am working on a large sentinel piece, but am fighting a battle with a thread I am using and got annoyed with it so switched off the machine and will restart on it later this morning. I have a lot more ideas for these ladies.
A lot more stitching needs to go into place and I will perhaps do some foiling on the haloes.
I also hand stitched a small one  ( 11x 19 inches) to see the contrast between hand stitching and  machine stitching. The effects are a  lot more subtle with hand stitching. But I do like both because of that contrast.
I have used colonial knots and running stitch.This piece is for sale- remember it's entirely hand stitched. It  has been hand printed on hand dyed cotton.  It measures 11 x 19 inches (  28  x 47 cms) The price is $250US inclusive of shipping.

Don't forget - it's still possible to enrol for my on-line linocutting class. Simply email me. The cost is $55 US.Here is some information:
 The start date will be 7 March. The course is  3 lessons ( with various exercises) delivered fortnightly with the  intent of building your skills with the tools as well as your design skills, looking at how to use  your photos,three colour printing and various other things like simple repeats, alphabets etc. The cost of the course is $55US. Lessons are delivered as a pdf file and number approximately 100 or so  pages, with exercises and tips and  inspirations. I also organise a discussion group to troubleshoot problems or discuss discoveries and to share work.


Anonymous said...

Your work is wonderful and I am sure it is time comsuming. Every effort shows in it's beauty!

Rachel said...

I know all too well the feeling that I just have to switch off the machine if I'm not to throw it out the window..

Gillian said...

This reminds me of the Aboriginal Wandjina figures from Western Australia. Watchers... or sentinels...

Diane Wright said...

It is just beautiful. I feel so lucky to have seen it in person! Thank you, Dijanne

Monique 78 said...

I like your sentinel so much. I'm pleased seeing your inspiration has come back;
I'm interested in your discussion group.

FuzzyFolk said...

Gorgeous, and such lovely colours

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