Monday, February 07, 2011

Syrian Village Scene Finished

I have no idea where that last week went, but all the children are back at school finally- it's been a long holiday with moving and everything else as well as job hunting- and still no luck in that department- but I have organised some workshops at  Jiddi's Patch which is nice and close and will see us exploring different textile techniques and inspirations over the coming year. And I will also be looking at stitching at the Geelong Sewing Centre.

I finally managed to finish the village scene today. The first photo is with the lines of sating stitch in place but with out the quilting.

The next photo shows what happens when you put in the quilting.
And the last photos shows a close-up of the stitching and detailing.

This piece is for sale. It measures 22 inches by 20 inches and is made of hand dyed and hand printed is heavily stitched as you can see from the close-up. The price is $275 US inclusive of postage.If you are interested in buying this piece please email me. SOLD

Today as I was driving back from Melbourne an idea for developing an exhibition suddenly struck me. I have been thinking and thinking about how to incorporate the experience of France into my work and how to juxtapose it with my experience of  Australia. I guess since my masters degree the idea of immigration and movement and place has never been far from my mind, but how to articulate the differences and similarities- how to work that into something that's an exploration and a narrative.So there i was, driving on that awful straight  stretch of freeway from Melbourne and approaching Geelong there is a large hilly jagged outcrop called the Youyangs. It suddenly dawned on me   that in terms of iconic value this outcrop is not dissimilar to  Pic St Loup of which I have shared photos  in blogposts last year- although Pic St Loup is more dramatic.Unfortunately i cannot go to the park at the moment as it is closed due to water damage.

Fred Williams immortalised the Youyangs in his work and in doing so created a marvellous look at the often spare but messy Australian landscape.

So I am thinking how can i use this- is there a way to explore the two things side by side. Now I have to get out my journal and really ponder this idea- maybe create a mind map, is it worth exploring? I don't know- I will let you know.


Joy V said...

An exhibition in the YouYangs would be fantastic. There are some fabulous nooks and crannies up there and also some gorgeous rocky outcrops. They have had Shakespeare plays up there in the summer at times. Also the Geelong Botanic Gardens is also a great place for an exhibition.

Rachel said...

That sounds like a fascinating basis for an exhibition - I would love to see you develop it!

Diane Kelsey said...

A wonderful piece of work! I hope you mange to sell it.

Unknown said...

I agree with Rachel, it does sound like a strong basis for an exhibition. Hope to see you develop it. Your recent piece once again demonstrates your impressive gift for free motion stitching. Love the momement and texture.

Shirley said...

that name brings back childhood memories! Just that name, and I think there was a pond with black swans in there as well, or am I wrong? Must ask my mum about it. Youyangs, name sounds great too. Love your latest work!

Shirley Goodwin said...

As usual, Dijanne, your lino print of the village (it IS a print, isn't it) is exquisite. I love it.

xlpharmacy said...

Looks so so beautiful, that part of the world is full with amazing ancient traditions.