Thursday, May 13, 2010

Reef is Finished

I have finally finished hand stitching the silk dyed piece I have entitled Reef. it took a lot of hand stitching. In another half hour I will be driving to Lyon so i can catch my flight to Damascus. I hope I shall be able to do some blog posts if not I will share lots of photos when I get back. I am on orders from my daughter to take lots of good images for the Carvanserai book.

And if I were to do an "art quilt" type book what would you like to see me write it on?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work, and a perfect title. Nice to see so much hand stitching in a piece like this. I'd like to see a 'from sketch to stitch' type art quilt book - showing the initial design process and how that is translated to fabric (without gadgets and gizmos like tyvek etc - just fabric), with the emphasis on hand stitching. Not too much to ask for... ;-)

Joei Rhode Island said...

The background stitching makes the irregular shapes pop...even in the darker colors. Lots of depth and movement here. I agree with Kaye... ideas to final piece with your thinking process between.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

I love anything on process. This is a beautiful piece of work... I'm new to your blog, and feel joy having found it. Safe travels

The Old Art Room said...

I love the colour and texture of this. It must have been a wonderful piece to handstitch.
best wishes,
jane C

Nancilyn (Fiberdabbler) said...

This is a masterpiece I could never tire of. The colors flow and mesmerize just like looking through water. For me this is almost breathtaking. I feel excitement at first, but I know that the longer I view it the more calming influence it would have.
I can't even begin to comment on the technical aspects of this textile, so I'll just say it is awesome in every way.

Should you do a book, I, too, would hope it cronicled in detail maybe several of your favorite pieces from a description of your seed of inspiration and initial vision through the entire process, detailing & illustrating each stage to the finished creation. I don't just want to know how you do something, I want to know why.

Thanks for sharing. Your blog is a treasure!

Diana Parkes said...

Very successful piece! Enjoy Damascus and the souks.

lisette said...

wow dij that just shimmers - it's gorgeous. re the book - i don't care i'll buy it anyway :) something about the creative process and looking for the possibilities in hand dyed fabrics, perhaps. i'm always worried that i'll ruin the fabric by cutting/stitching it because it looks like a work of art in itself

enjoy syria xxx

diana said...

what a spectacular piece this is.