Sunday, May 30, 2010

Come drink A Cup of tea with Me

Tea and coffee is very much a part of life and social etiquette in Syria- it's a serious business. I am intrigued by how many ways people find to have their tea ( I focussed on tea as I am a tea drinker).
Just quietly sitting and watching the street go by- requires a cup of tea!

Tea is dispensed throughout the souq's by elaborately dressed men with their highly decorative water carriers and teapots!There were more of these tea carriers around this time compared to my previous trips.This man I encountered in the al hamadiye souq in Damascus.

You often encounter gas rings and teapots on the  foot paths- one just never knows when a cup of tea is needed.

Another tea carrier in Aleppo.

 The trip to Syria was organised by Creative Arts Safaris and covered many areas of everyday Syrian textiles and life. There is another trip planned for next year so please let Fiona from Creative Arts Safaris know if you are interested.

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Barbara said...

Do you drink tea from the local vendors? Do they supply the cups or does everyone carry their own? I am a devoted tea fan and want to know the proper ediquette.