Sunday, May 02, 2010

73 MORE Ways- The Coloured Version

I have been working hard on the  coloured version of 72 MORE Ways Not to Stipple or Meander , as I need to deliver quilts and words and whatever else we need to Editions de Saxe next week so they can prepare the book in time for Carrefour Europeen du Patchwork. I did not think I would get there as I could not dye the right colour blue but after several attempts I was running out of time to keep dyeing more so I decided I needed to start on the quilting. I also have to leave the apartment I rented in the Netherlands on Monday morning- so I have been working hard.

I have been using the Aurifiul Cotton 28  weight Mako Thread and it is sewing like a dream. I decided not to use the machine embroidery threads as I wanted to see how the  heavier weight cotton would look. I am surprised that it has made me sew the individual elements of the designs larger or maybe when I made the black and white version I was more stressed ( we had just moved house and I was wondering how we would make ends meet)- I don't know, but try as I might I can't get the motifs as small as I did on the black and white quilt. I guess it doesn't really matter and it is 18 months since I made the black and white version and things change!

Don't forget the black and white version of the book is still available from me. I can send from Europe.If you are interested email me.


Diana Parkes said...

I love the black and white version. The negative spaces are more prominent than the stars.

downunderdale said...

looks good Dijanne - did you ever do anything more with the Valdani threads I gave you?

June said...

Nice stitching, Dijanne. I keep thinking I should order some of the Aurifiul 28 weight. I always liked using heavier threads.

Karen S said...

I love those stars -- the B/W is striking, but the blue and gold look like they sparkle.

What kind/size needle are you using with that heavy thread?