Saturday, April 10, 2010

Traveller's Blanket

I have been working hard on my travellers blanket- hand stitching , embroidering the last 30 or so squares.I have been sitting up untilmidnight stitching- which is somethign I don't normally do much  stitchingat night as it  is also my daytime job. I really want this piece finished all of a sudden. I have this  need to have it finished and out of my life. However that is not to say that I won't make another one. I am already planning another one- getting the right fabric is another matter though- as I have used bump ( heavy weight flannel) as the batting and that is really important for it's suppleness, ease of stitching and  drape.I did purchase some Ethiopian light weight hand woven cotton from Maggie Relph from the African Fabric Shop to dye for the top layer ( Maggie will also be in Essen next weekend with her shop) As you can see from the image- the piece is very heavily stitched or is it embroidered? It is six embroidered squares wide and 11 long and each square is about   1 metre wide by about 1.6 metres long- that's a lot of stitching!!! I had wanted it finished last February  2009 but life intervened. I feel the urge to start another for a new phase in my life- hopefully a happier phase- though the colours in this blanket are really cheerful- perhaps it is telling me something!

 I also want the travellers' Blanket  finished for the Colours of Africa exhibition at Essen next weekend as part of the Kunst Route ( art route) that Laura Liebenberg has organised. Please come if you have the time- there will be exhibitions a small but wonderful market place  and an auction of textile pieces made to raise money for a safe creche for  childrren in South Africa.


Joei Rhode Island said...

Oh that I had ruby slippers to come see the exhibit ... and to meet Laura and you.
This is a wonderful piece Dijanne...the colors are cheerful and earthy.

Lainie said...

Dijanne, so beautiful! May I use this picture (credited to you of course) in a slide presentation I'm doing this week on Slow Cloth? Thanks for considering this --
warm regards
Elaine Lipson (

Morna said...

It just makes me drool! Is this something you started long ago? I feel like I saw it quite a while back. I find it so satisfying when I have a piece I can work on over a long period of time. :-)

Donna said...

I love your Travelers' Blankets! I received my Quilting Arts magazine and I'm so inspired by your work. I drove into Reno, NV to get my supplies to make one. I see I missed your Dec 3rd workshop, darn it. Your work is BEAUTIFUL!