Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Making The Dream Work

I have been hand stitching all weekend- somehow it did not seem right to machine stitch. And today I intend to make another linocut so i can make some small pieces for the Colours of Africa exhibition in Essen next week.

The trouble is when you sit and stitch it can sooth, but it can also set you to thinking and right now I am worrying about making my  European dream work. I really need to shore up more work/workshops- at present i do not have sufficient work lined up.Sales of quilts are down and I am in the process of getting more books printed ( 72 ways and 72 MORE ways). I need to make more little work but haven't had the machine to do that- I need to get busy this week!

I am in the Netherlands until 2 May and am available for workshops ( except for 26/27 April). I am also close to the German border ( well i think it is close) so if anyone is interested until 2 May please let me know. On 3 May i head back to Montpellier and will be there until 13 May when i go to Syria with Creative Arts Safaris. I get back  from Syria on the 28th of May and am then available to do workshops anywhere- though I am teaching at Leysin in Suisse from 16-19 June ( and there are still places available in that workshop , we will be very creative !).
If any of my readers are at all interested in workshops please email me! I have a workshop information sheet I can send out.


Kim said...

gorgeous Dijanne, just gorgeous

Judy said...

is that ALL handstitched? it is beautiful, but I am exhausted just looking at it!


Quilters Cottage Norfolk said...

I love hand stitching too. The texture you have achieved is something truely special. thank you for sharing.
best wishes,
jane C

Kristin L said...

I'm too far away to take any workshops, but I can highly recommend Dijanne as a teacher. I took a dying workshop in the Netherlands from Dijanne several years ago and if this year's workshops will be in the same place I can attest that it is very easy to reach from Germany. :-)

Jackie said...

That piece has such a perfect glow to it.

Morna said...

God God! A lot of stitching - and all worth it. :-)

Morna said...

I meant to say Good God!