Monday, March 08, 2010

Back in Le Triadou

Le Pont du Gard- a remarkable feat of engineering- still standing  majestically after 2,000 years, and not far from where we are staying. I had been to Nimes before but never to Le Pont du Gard. The mistral was blowing straight down the river valley and it was freezing, which to some extent accounts for the whiteness of the light.

This is the Roman Arena in Nimes- said to be the most complete arena in the world. In a way it is disappointing as there is lots of steel scaffolding and wooden and steel seats and rails ( it seems we need to be more contained from falling these days)- yet on the other hand it is an arean that is still actively used 2,000 years after it was built. I wonder what structures from our times will still be standing and be used 2000 years from now. The stone steps of the arena were so cold today( and yes the snow followed us down south- so the arena looks coldy grey because it was cold)- I wonder if the watchers of the gladiators and later corridas, took their own cushiosn to sit on? Can you see a super big installation with hundreds of beautifully embroidered cushions- wouldn't it look grand!

The Arena is now used for concerts and corridas - and of course there was a small display of the embroidered garb of the torreador- i like that the photos on the oppposite wall of famous torreadors reflected in the glass case protecting the suit.

This is the outside of the Arena- you would think that they could have found a sligtlymore complementary light pole, or perhaps I expect too much?I didn't notice the round shapes in the road until I  saw the photo- they almost look like pomegranates!


smarcoux said...

excellent thanks for the photos .. they are grand!! may make it there one day :)

Kim said...

Top shots, love the light.

Chris said...

I love travelling vicariously - thankyou for sharing