Thursday, March 11, 2010

Getting very Little Done

I made this little horizontal piece with one of the linocuts I made for my on-line course. These little trees are proving very popular and these particular ones, I printed onto Lutradur with  Shiva sticks. I then stitched them with Aurifil Lano thread ( wool machine stitching thread)- which i love, and you can even buy wool machine needles to stitch the lano thread with. it is a little hard to see the result on the photo- but the contrast of the shininess of the lutradur and the kind of flatness of the wool create a really nice contrast- plus the thread is thick so it creates a nice line.

If you are interested - we have just started the new lino-cutting on-line course- you can still join if you hurry. Cost is 40 euros ( US $54) for 3 fortnightly lessons, which contain  a lot of exercises to build up your skills.


Quilters Cottage Norfolk said...

Love the colours and linear printing.Lino prints are so versitile and reuseable.
best wishes,
jane C

Morna said...

Well, well, well ... isn't this beautiful! And how interesting to learn that there is such a thing as wool machine stitching thread!

Clare Wassermann said...

I really like the warmth of the cololurs

Anonymous said...

Hi Dijanne, I love the way you have combined linocut printing with the Aurifil Lana threads. You mentioned that you have found machine needles especially for stitching wool thread. Can you tell me more about these as I also enjoy stitching with Aurifil Lana. Jenny Scott

marion said...

If I'd thought, you could have had one of my sewing machines away with you... if you're coming back to the UK in the next wee whiley, that might be an option?