Saturday, November 14, 2009

Packing, Packing and Threads for Sale

I am trying to be organised in my packing so that things will be easy to find, and also to rationalise things a bit. Over the years I have gotten rayon threads for my hand stitching from England- they are used for weaving, and as I am ordering blind I have found I have ended up with quite a lot of double even triple colours , or ones that are very close in  colour. I am taking some of the threads with me so I continue muy Travellers Blanket and finish it and also hand stitch several Southern Lands pieces, but I also had a lot of thread left over.

So I have parcelled them up into bakers dozens and they are for sale. I am not sure how much thread is on each "cigar- which is what the spools of thread are called- but I have entirley hand quilted several quilts with one cigar ( the quilts measured 40 x  55 inches)- so there is a lot of stitching on each cigar! I also find the threads lovely to stitch with and use an embroidery needle for my hand stitching and quilting. I have mixed up the colours to try and give a good selection of colour and dark and light.  The packs contain 13 cigasr and are for sale for $45 plus postage ( postage to Europe or  the US will be about $30 and within Australia $10.00). I am quoting in Australina dollars as our currency seems to be fluctuating  a lot on the currency market. I have 10 packs for sale ( 4 packs have already sold so there are 6 packs left)


Kaylene said...


I would like to purchase a pack of your threads and your book 72 More Ways etc.

I live in Adelaide SA, so could you let me know costs and method of payment.

Good luck in your ventures abroad.

Kaylene Maalste

zquilts said...

I Dijanne - do you have any idea at all what threads and your book might cost to ship to the US?
Thanking you

wandar-wanda said...

Hi, your works are beautiful, warm greetings, Wanda

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