Friday, November 20, 2009


I had hopes of sorting through my hand dyed fabrics and putting them into 1 kg lots of mixed colours and selling them ( 1 kg of fabric is about 3.5 metres of fabric ) for $25 plus postage- but is it worth the effort and trouble as panic has set in???If you are interested let me know please I think i can manage to make up some packs on request!

I have to go and get rid of the last bits of rubbish as they take away the skip- I have been ruthless with clothes- not a scerrick left of anything I am not going to take with me- what's the point of holding onto bits and pieces that will never fit again . I know memories memories, but I am determined to look forward and not back.


Sally Westcott said...

Hi Dijanne,

Don't panic now! You're doing an amazing job! One that I would hate to tackle. Can I buy 2kg of your fabric? I would just love some.

My lino's are progressing. I've started to quilt some of them and they are working really well. I'll post some photos onto the group site in a few days.


lisette said...

you're doing a fabulous job and good on for throwing things away - it's very cathartic.

put me down for 2 kg as well :)

Marcie said...

I would love to buy a kilo of your fabrics please

susanne said...

Hi Dijanne,

I like your fabrics and buy a kilo of them. I live in Switzerland, is that a problem?

Liebe GrĂ¼sse

Anonymous said...

Definitely interested in buying some of your fabric :)

Arashi said...

memories are the intangible evidence of a past and the reminder of a wonderful future to come

Sally Westcott said...

Hi again Dijanne,

If you have sent me an email today - I haven't recieved it! My email server was down!

If you give me an amount for postage I will transfer the money for the 2 kg fabric asap!

hugz (big one - I think you might need one about now)

Clare Wassermann said...

Don't panic - let go of some - just let go . It will pay off xx

nadia said...

I wish you a lot of succes and a very good travel to France! I'll see you in Essen in april 2010.
Best wishes from Nadia from the Netherlands

Shirley said...

Dijanne, diep zuchten en gewoon doordoen, je komt er wel. Herken het cumuleren van stof wel, zie het bij mijn moeder thuis ook, die verft, stempelt en experimenteert ook naar hartelust. Wat ik zo mooi vond aan de foto was dat ik dacht dat het een foto van een quilt was! Een boslandschap met een kabbelend beekje. Hugs, Shirley

Eddy said...

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Renee said...

I would love 1 kg of your fabric. Have you any left? Let me know what to do and I'll do it!