Monday, November 09, 2009


Finally did some packing and also some dyeing. I am still trying to get pieces just right for my waterways series. This piece of  silk has been tie dyed with stones- but looking at it I want it to be larger I think, though I love the colours- I love the turquoise contrast with the earthy orange. So this piece is for sale if you are interested. It measures 55 cm wide by 137 cm long ( 22 inches x 45 inches) The silk is 12 mm which is the silk I use in all my silk pieces and it stitches beautifully. The price for this piece is $95 US inclusive of shipping.Silk is SOLD

The top image is of the muslin which I dye and which I used in my Travellers' Blankets- it is lovely and soft and has a nice even weave which makes it good for stitching by hand and machine ( I often use it as backing because it allows greater drapiness). I bought two new bolts  of the muslin a couple of months ago thinking I would dye them, but I have simply run out of time and I don't have enough room in my luggage to take it with me. So I am hoping to sell them . Each bolt is 50 metres and the fabric is 146 cm wide ( 57 inches wide). I am quoting Australian dollar prices as I imagine shipping costs would make it too expensive for overseas unless you were buying 10 metre lots. If you buy the whole bolt the cost will be $3 per metre ( $150 for the whole bolt)  plus postage. I am willing to sell 10 metre lots at a cost of $3.50 per metre ( $35 dollars for the 10 metres ) plus postage ( tthese prices are pretty close to wholesale prices) All the Muslin is SOLD

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jude said...

i am interested in the muslin. i will email you.