Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Custom Dyeing

I have been doing some custom dyeing and have to do some more today for Annabel Rainbow in England. I should have all the pieces finished by this evening especially if the sun continues to co-operate!

I am off to Tasmania to teach for the weekend- hope I can inspire some wonderful dyeing and stitching!

And I keep forgetting to mention it but My Place will be seen at a new event organised by Expertise Events named the Textile Art Festival in Brisbane at the end of May- there will be lots of interesting exhibitions and a wide range of workshops are being offered. I shall be teaching on the Saturday- Transfer dyeing/printing and stitching ( working with lutradur in other words). If there is anyone in Queensland who would like to do some exhibition sitting for me on thatSaturday whilst I am teaching please email me- I need towo people- one for the morning and one for the afternoon so you will have a chance to look around the other exhibitions as well. I shall also be deomonstrating on the Friday and Sunday. I am looking forward to it!
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And don't they look fabulous pieces of cloth!! Thank you for doing this for me Dijanne. Even though I dye quite a lot of cloth myself, I love to have yours too as it's so inspiring. If you're feeling a bit blah, and don't know what to do next, a rummage through a pile of beautiful fabrics is a sure cure. Before it arrives, I have no idea what's coming, despite giving your broad outlines of colour combinations, and so when the parcel is unpacked I never fail to feel excited and inspired. It's always seems so much better than mine as your colours are rich and vibrant! I already have plans for the greens you've shown, and will show photos on the blog when it all arrives.

jude said...

i left you a comment and an email about dyed muslin....did you get it?

Judy said...

Hi! Dijanne,

Beautiful fabric, hope you enjoy Tasmania, but boy it's cold over here right now.

downunderdale said...

see you in Brisbane Dijanne - does this mean I will need lots of lutradur again?