Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Aurifil Threads and Linoleum Cuts

I am constantly amazed by what the internet brings and makes accessible, but I must admit there is also soemthing to be said for good old fashioned post. Whilst in Adelaide teaching the popst brought me a packet of Aurifil threads with which to do some experimenting- I was particularly interested in the heavier weight 12 rayons and can't wait to get going on something and see what it is like. Aurifil also sent me some colour charts and I am particularly enthused about theFilato Lano 12 thread- which is wool and acrylic thread for the machine and hand embroidery- I can see another travellers blanket coming on using this thread- there is a good colour range though I would like to see more lime/mustardy greens I can also feel another book coming on- in fact two-!

Then the post brought From Kandinsky to Corneille- linoleum in the art of the twentieth century-what a wonderful selection of linocuts by many of the twentieth centuries' most well known artists as well as some lesser known ones- I am falling more and more in love with this form of printing- just have to find a press somewhere one of these days. The book covers are actually made of lino and I was able to purchase it off the Silk Cut website ( see the link above). And please look at last years silk cut printing winner here. This is all part of the research I am doing for th elino-cutting course I am devising- I really want to look at the design side of lino-printing and so have been searching for examples!Posted by Picasa


Magic Cochin said...

Thanks for the interesting lino links. Fascinating how varied the prints can be.

Best wishes

Marlis said...

Dijanne - I would like to present you with a Kreativ Blogger Award.
Just go to my blog and copy the award if you're interested.

Anna said...

Seems very interested. I will put it in my list of books that I save money to buy.