Friday, May 18, 2007

Work but not of the Textile kind



I came home to some of the garden still bearing vegetables- tomatoes, peppers, chillies, eggplant and herbs . I was expecting them to be all finished up but managed to pick about 10 kg of tomatoes which will need to be processed. I will also make some lebanese eggplant pickle with the eggplants- although there is not many of them.

Sometimes the generosity of students blows me away- this doll was made edspecially for me from fabrics this student made in the printing workshop I taught in Palaiseau and is the work of Veronique Douillet. I had greatly admired the dolls she had made with the embroidered squares for the fundraising project Pascale Goldenberg organised for the Afghan women. Veronique's dolls were a total delight, picking up on the patterning of the individual embroideries, giving the embroideries centre stage as part of the dolls clothing, but somehow imprinting her own personality and skills to complement. All her work is by hand, and her quilts are likewise quirky and wonderful- alas she does not have a website as far as I know . I hope to see more of this wonderful work in the future and feel lucky to have the doll. Thank you Veronique!
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